Our dental implants will adapt to your needs ! We invite you to visit our office and the individual to choose the color and type of implant. Only our dental implants in Krakow are safe , comfortable and excellent and high quality.
Beautiful white smile is the key to success in both professional and personal life. If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth, welcome to our office for professional, safe and effective teeth whitening using a modern laser.
In our office, you can take advantage of an innovative method overlays Clear-Aligner. They were created with the aim of straightening teeth without braces installing or moving.
In our offer: - Express repair of dentures, - Repair of cracks and fractures, - Strengthening of prostheses, - Extra teeth and braces, - Express bonding prostheses,
For patients who are outside the country and who want to start treatment at our facility, we have prepared a special treatment program.
With three specialist treatment systems and the detection of caries , you will be able to always forget about this unpleasant disease XXI century. Among our methods of struggle you will find: Ozone System, ICON , DIAGNOcam .
Endodontics, also known as endodontic treatment or root canal treatment, is necessary in cases of the irreversible change of tooth pulp due to deep caries.
Each parent is aware of the importance of taking care of oral hygiene. It is important to make our children feel comfortable in the dental office.
The treatment consists of 4 hygienization treatments . Scaling - removal of tartar . Sandblasting - removal of deposits and discoloration . Fluoridation , varnishing - health treatment against decay . Sealing - fissure sealing teeth.
Conservative dentistry focuses mainly on the treatment of dental caries and restoration ofdamagedteeth.
In some of the dental cases it is required to use the surgical methods. Thanks to them the most complicated complaints can be cured.
Our teeth are not always as straight as we want. The modern orthodontics helps us to fix irregularities and deals with the problems of disproportionate jaw relationships or dentofacial deformity.
Modern dentistry allows you to rebuild damaged teeth effectively, and fill in missing teeth.
In our dental office you can find a comprehensive offer in the diagnosis of caries using the modern device called Kavo DiagnoCan and radiovisiography Gendex.
Periodontology is a branch of dentistry dealing with the prevention and treatment of periodontal disease and oral mucosa.
Our specialists use a laser to deliver differentiated treatment in the oral cavity. It acts primarily on improving the quality of the biological systems of our oral cavity.
The basis of oral health is an appropriate hygiene and widely understood prevention. In our dental office, you will find an extensive range of useful advice and services, what helps you to take care, more efficiently, of your healthy and beautiful smile.
If you are not satisfied with the colour of your teeth, or smoking and drinking of coffee led you to the unwanted change of your teeth colour, we can help you. Teeth whitening krakow promotion!
In our offer aesthetic medicine you will find: needle mesotherapy and Botox - correction of wrinkles.

Dentists in our Dental Centre Dentamax

The main principle of the functioning of our clinic is a team activity of doctors of various specialties ( Surgeon , audiologist , Endodontist , orthodontist , implantologist ) .
This allows you to optimize the treatment and achieve its high results. We attach great importance to raising awareness of the patient about treatment options.

Lek. dent. Mateusz Ryżanowski

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Mateusz Ryżanowski

Specjalista z zakresu:
- nowoczesnej ortodoncji- metoda Clear Aligner,
- stomatologii estetycznej,
- protetyki,
- endodoncji pod mikroskopem,
Lek. dent. specjalista chirurgii stomatologicznej Łukasz Musiał

Dentist and specialist of dental surgeon and dental implants
Łukasz Musiał

Specjalista z zakresu:
- implantologii
- chirurgii stomatologicznej więcej
Lek. dent. Pawel Przystal

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Paweł Przystał

Specjalista z zakresu:
- stomatologii zachowawczej,
- stomatologii estetycznej,
- chirurgii stomatologicznej, więcej
Lek. dent. Dominika Kucharska

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Dominika Kucharska

Specjalistka z zakresu:
- stomatologii zachowawczej,
- stomatologii dziecięcej, więcej
Lek. dent. Kamil Mikus

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Kamil Mikuś

Specjalista z zakresu:
- stomatologii zachowawczej,
- stomatologii estetycznej, więcej
Asyst. Stom. Ewa Twardowska

Asystentka Stomatologiczna
Ewa Twardowska

Specjalista z zakresu:
- przygotowania gabinetu i stanowiska pracy lekarza do przeprowadzania zabiegów,
- przygotowania pacjentów do zabiegów stomatologicznych,
- dbania o higienę stanowiska pracy, więcej

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