Price list

Teeth whitening krakow Price
Laser teeth whitening 800 zł
Whitening of a particular tooth with Opalescence ENDO (1 visit) 100 zł
Dental Implants Price List Price
orthodontic implant 500 zł
Conservative dentistry Price
General examination 50 zł
Consultation with advice and prescription 50zł
Infiltration anaesthesia 30zł
Conduction anaesthesia 40zł
Treatment of dentin hypersensitivity (1 tooth) 10zł
Treatment of dentin hypersensitivity (1 arch) 50zł
Treatment of periodontal diseases 50zł
Therapeutic dressing 70 - 100 zł
Filling cavities with light-cured material 170 zł
Tooth reconstruction on a fibre glass insert 350 - 450 zł
X-ray image 30zł
Splinting of teeth (up to 6 teeth) 300zł
Diagnosis of dental caries 50 zł
Hygienisation Price
Scaling – tartar removal (both arches) 120 zł
Deep scaling - (1 arch) 100 zł
Sandblasting - perfect removal plaque (both arches) 100 zł
Varnishing (Fluoridation) 100 zł
Scaling + sandblasting +fluoridation 250 zł
Podiatric dentistry Price
‘First time visit’ 50 zł
Flavoured varnishing (both arches) 100 zł
Filling cavities in a milk tooth (white or colour) 100 zł
Root canal treatment of the milk tooth 150 zł
Diagnosis of dental caries 50 zł
Endodontics (Rooth Canal Treatment) +RVG paid additionally Price
Consultation with the use of the microscope 100 zł
Primary endodontic treatment
Tooth reconstruction after the root canal treatment 250 zł
Secondary endodontic treatment
Closure of perforation 300 zł
Broken instrument removal from a root 300 zł
Prosthetics Price
Partial denture (up to 5 elements) 600 zł
Full dentures (Mifam teeth or Ivoclar) 900 zł
Strengthening elements (mesh) 250 zł
Skeletal denture 1 500 zł
Porcelain margin with a crown on metal (alloy of chromium and cobalt) 700 zł
Porcelain crown on gold 700 zł (+ cena złota)
Porcelain crown without metal (full ceramic crown) 1 500 zł


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