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Ikona Stomatologia estetyczna

Beautiful white smile is the key to success in both professional and personal life. If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth, welcome to our office for professional, safe and effective teeth whitening using a modern laser.

More information about whitening:

Teeth whitening is one of the dental procedures, which very recently gaining popularity . No wonder , we are aware that this is how we look affects not only our mood, but also on the people with whom we meet. With a healthy white teeth will be more eager to to smile, not only in social situations, but also in the more significant example. Interview. What is the treatment of teeth whitening and is it worth it ? We will try to answer this question!

Obrazek Stomatologia estetyczna There is alot methods of teeth whitening, some of them can be made ​​at home, others only in the office under the strict supervision of a dentist. Methods household are less effective and more dangerous for teeth than professional method. Teeth are very delicate , and at the same time heavily exposed part of our body , so do not want to experiment. The most effective methods used in surgeries can include laser bleaching. It is a procedure performed professionally in our office. Laser teeth whitening treatment is not long lasting, usually about 30 minutes. It begins applying to the gums by a dentist special gel, and then it is cured using UV lamps. The gel is intended to protect our gingiva during the treatment. An appropriate step of the whole process is to require a special teeth whitening agents, which is then irradiated for about 15 minutes .

The treatment with the use of Beyond lamp takes a little longer (usually 45 minutes) because the bleaching preparation is applied three times and irradiated. But thanks to this effect can persist for up to two years, and the teeth may be even brighter shades 10!

If you have any questions about whitening and need advice and selection of appropriate method please contact us! We will gladly provide all necessary information and find the most optimal solution for you.


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