Dental Implants

DENTAL IMPLANT is a foreign body made ​​of titanium or titanium alloy implanted in the oral cavity, replace the root of a lost tooth. Implants confluent with the bone , provide stable support for artificial teeth .

With years of experience of our best specialists in the field of implantology, we can all respect and care for your teeth to ensure the highest quality of implant surgery . As the implants are very modern and prestigious solution to our specialists individual approach to each patient , making us the undisputed leader in performing implant surgery .

What distinguishes us from other branches of our implants ?

  • First of all, with proper care, we care about the comfort of the whole course of treatment.
  • The material from which they are made​​, our implants are of the highest quality components: titanium alloy ensures flawless durability of the implant but also is biocompatible which means that it fuses with the bone tissue which allows for very high effectiveness of the surgery. Effective foundation is still the base !
  • We restore good healthy of teeths and beautiful smile !
  • With our implants Your smile will become a proven, aesthetic and teeth get their natural beauty .

How does the whole process of treatment looks in our specialist clinic ?

The implant treatment we can divided into four main parts:

  • preoperative procedure,
  • stage surgery,
  • prosthetic stage,
  • postoperative,


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