Podiatric dentistry

Ikona Stomatologia dziecięca

It is important that the child was well set for visits to the dentist, and therefore should be held with the child during the visit adaptive accustomed to contact with the office and our knowledgeable staff.

In our office we use a specially developed program of the visit adaptive, taking into account the needs of preventive medicines for the youngest patients.

Adaptation visit the office Dentamax is as follows:

  1. We examine the dental health of the child - by professional laser diagnostic DIAGNOcam.
  2. Viewing oral hygiene instruction, which receives both child and parent.
  3. We introduce parents to the possibilities of individual treatment with prophylaxis- treatments.
  4. Our little patient receives an award for his brave stance during the visit.
  5. Parents receive indications of daily oral care and future visits small consolation.

Primary teeth are responsible for the proper development of the masticatory system, jaw and speech apparatus - which is why the treatment of milk teeth is an indication of each child.

Information for Parents:

Every parent wonders when you come for the first time with your child to the dental practice - from our experience we suggest that it should be between the 2nd and 3rd year of the child's life. In this age, in most cases, children do not yet have caries or changes are in the early stages.

The office Dentamax use a specially designed program of visits adaptation and prevention, aimed at co child-> cabinet-> parent , as it is Parents play a special role in the daily prevention mouth their children.

In Dentamax primarily matters to us is the comfort of the young patient, because our office is fully equipped with the latest equipment and systems for non-invasive treatment of milk teeth in children.

That's all we can guarantee thanks to:

  • Laser Diagnostic DIAGNOcam - used for early detection of caries, which shows us a picture of the teeth in the mouth on the screen, it detects the presence of tooth decay on tooth surfaces, contact surfaces and under existing fillings. Examination of this device is non-invasive (WITHOUT RVG), painless, stress-free and even very pleasant! :)
  • The treatment of caries lesions ICON is an innovative treatment so that we can in a painless and non-invasive way to prevent the spread of decay on the surface of a small child's teeth. More importantly, this is accomplished without anesthesia! The preparation spot imposed on the occupied decay immediately starts to prevent the propagation of cariogenic bacteria on the surface of a small baby's teeth.
  • KAVO HEAL OZONE - Ozone therapy in the prevention of early caries is an innovative solution in the fight against tooth decay. as an ozone gas has antibacterial properties and perfectly reaches every place in the tooth child. Therefore, this is the perfect solution for removing bacteria from the cavities in the teeth of our little consolation. To feed this type of gas you use the device Kavo HealOzone. For helpful information is that the ozone-treated gingivitis and periodontitis as well as to inhibit excessive bleeding resulting gum and reduces swelling.
  • What treatments we can offer to prevent caries?

  • Treatment with wax teeth - preventive treatment done by our specialists, which protects the teeth of a young patient against the development of bacteria that produce cavities in molars and premolars. The treatment also protects the tooth groove before the appearance of them cariogenic bacteria.
  • Treatment Cauterization teeth - at a time when milk teeth are very much affected by cariogenic bacteria and there is no possibility to fulfill their lakes, there is a need for their impregnation (cauterization) before causing further havoc by decay. During this procedure, the doctor determines the state too large soften tooth, teeth subjected to the action of a substance called silver nitrate (AgNO3). By using this substance tooth substance is cured, and the process is inhibited cariogenic. When using cauterizate we do not have further need to remove milk teeth (which would require a pain) only milk teeth of your child can safely wait for the appearance of the permanent teeth. It is very important because it prevents the formation of malocclusion in children with the problem of caries milk teeth.
  • Treatment painting - fluoridation of milk teeth - the main component of this treatment is Fluorine (F), which is responsible for the strength of the tooth enamel, also acts as a protective against bacteria cariogenic. During treatment, your child's milk teeth are coated with fluoride varnish.
  • Treatment of children's first teeth or milk teeth - the main reason we treat milk teeth of children is the formation of these defects are often caused by bacteria caries. As above we mentioned untreated caries milk teeth can lead to the necessary break which led to the unpleasant sensation for the child. Therefore, in our office we use color fill. It is very cool that we give the child the opportunity to choose the color of this fill.
  • We are here in order to best help you take care of the oral health of the child and provides us with a latest program of preventive and curative, that is focused on prevention and early treatment of caries in children. It is very important! That's why we provide you all that you need to use our program prophylaxy- treatment, because we can take care of your oral health, your kids without pain and stress!


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