Overlays Orthodontic Clear-Aligner

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What is innovative method Clear-Aligner?

This method involves the preparation of special transparent overlay straightening teeth. Forget fixed orthodontic apparatus, or continuous removal and movable camera. This method focuses on aesthetics and is completely biocompatible, in a word SAFE!

How is the treatment?

What is the phase of retention?

Phase retention - the process during treatment with to prevent the recurrence pre-treated defects. This phase of treatment should be carefully planned with the patient so that the patient strictly observe the established hormonogramu wearing caps retention.

In short retention stage should look like this:

In the first year after treatment the patient focuses on the longest possible wear caps during the day, and absolutely wear pads on all night.

The second year is associated with about 16 hours of wearing caps retention

After these two time periods are advised to wear the clip and only the night.

Why wearing caps must endure so much?

Actually, the progress of treatment is an individual matter for each patient. Depending on the extent to which the teeth want to cooperate with the pads, and depending on how large predate malocclusion. After treatment "active" patient should be reported to your doctor every 6 months in order to further control the progress of treatment and to check for any signs of retrogression in the progress of treatment.


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