Caries Treatment

Ikona Radiologia

In our office you will find a comprehensive offer in the diagnosis of caries most modern device Kavo DiagnoCam and the ability to perform the surgery ozone and specialized system ICON.

Kavo DiagnoCam and its features :

As the name implies DIAGNO(since the diagnosis) CAM is a device equipped with a miniature webcam , which through the use of infrared rays , x-rays of our teeth showing us his picture in the form of LIVE (the Present ) . More importantly, the infrared rays are completely safe and have no negative reflection on our health and can be used repeatedly (both in pregnant women and in children and adolescents as well as adults).

After connect our device to the computer , the dentist places a sterilized tip our tooth and the screen shows us his overexposed image on which are apparent defects of the tooth (in this case tooth decay).

    Now, it is worth mentioning a few basic advantages of our equipment :
  • possible early detection of caries on the tooth surface and take immediate treatment,
  • the lack of any concerns about your own health , due to the lack of harmful rays of X-ray used in other devices,
  • fast, comfortable but above all professional diagnosis and self -examination,
  • the patient sees on a computer screen had shown on the picture tooth with its possible defects,

No defects of the device makes use of it to help you be a great pleasure for us and for all of you.


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