Aesthetic medicine

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Modern aesthetic medicine in our office.

What treatments we offer within our offers?

  • needle Mesotherapy
  • Botox - correction of wrinkles

Needle Mesotherapy (eyes, mouth):

Needle Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method by which you can delay skin aging. This method of therapy also improves the appearance and restores lost luster skin.

How and what we mesotherapy needle each neighborhood?

This procedure consists in making large amounts of mikronakłuć, during which the mixture is fed excipients natural processes of regeneration of the skin (hyaluronic acid, mixtures of amino acids, vitamins and enzymes).

What is the procedure needle mesotherapy?

  • improvement in skin firmness and elasticity
  • reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • reduction of baldness

How long does the treatment mesotherapy needle?

Firstly, it is very important to meet with a specialist and determine the individual treatment planIt will assess the intended effects and educate properly the patient and inform him about the most important information

Generally needle mesotherapy treatment is carried out in several steps, requiring the spacing between successive treatments for betweenone to three weeks.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes! The treatment is entirely safe and in many cases requires no anesthesia! Although, if the patient wants a anesthesia, the treatment area cover the preparation anesthetic in the form of a cream.

Correction of facial wrinkles:

What we correction of facial wrinkles?

To correct this kind of wrinkles we use botulinum toxin that, after applying a smooth surface thereby reducing skin wrinkles.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of treatment is estimated to be about 15-20 minutes.

Is the treatment is safe and requires anesthesia?

Yes, treatment is completely safe and does not require anesthesia

When I see the first positive effects on my face?

The effects of the reduction of wrinkles are apparent at the end of the week after the first treatment. And the effects are visible for about half a year after surgery.

Depending on the intensity of the metabolism of the patient, this effect may be slightly shorter or longer. An important role is also played the right way of life of the patient!

After about 14 days, the patient should visit our office with a visit to the control in order to check if everything goes according to the intended earlier forecasts improve the appearance. In addition, if the position requires additional preparation administration there is no impediment to his re-application. However, there is a limit between successive treatments performed in the same place, the patient should be an interval of time ranging from 4 months onwards!


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